About our Team

Miss B

Miss B is the owner and principal educator of Miss B's Student Services. She has a wealth of experience and qualification and a passion for building confident and engaged learners that can also develop into empathetic and contributing members of the community. Miss B predominately teaches piano, vocals, choir, visual art and drama performance but is also a qualified primary school teacher and teaches maths and literacy. Miss B puts her all into everything that she does, showing dedication and leading by example for the children and adults alike that are involved in Miss B’s Student Services. Miss B strives to make all of her students feel like they have a family in Miss B’s Student Services.

My aim is to ensure all students can have access to our service and be given the opportunity to thrive. Every student has something to offer, to share and be proud of. 

Mr A

Mr A is Miss B's Student Services business manager. Mr A is the facilitator of our client timetable and accounts management. He works with families to ensure they are happy and comfortable with their experience with Miss B's Student Services. Mr A actively promotes Miss B's Student Services high quality services and educators by engaging in discussions with our loyal and friendly customer network. Mr A thinks it is great to be part of such a great team at such an exciting time where the company is increasingly expanding. 

I look forward to working with your family to ensure your expectations of our service are met. 

Miss Satine

Miss Satine is our delightful receptionist greeting families with a friendly smile as they attend our centre. Miss Satine assists with appointments and payments, and has an acute attention to detail. Satine actively engages with families and takes a genuine interest in the lives and diversity of our clients. Miss Satine works within our centre on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

I can't wait to meet and get to know your family as a part of our Miss B's Student Services Family.

Miss Lea

Miss Lea is a mum of three teenagers, whilst she is also currently studying a Bachelor of Education full time at the University of Tasmania. Miss Lea has also worked as a musician and web designer but is now focusing on teaching, which is her true passion. She enjoys reading, camping and singing jazz. Miss Lea works within our centre as a vocal and piano tutor and also as an academics educator. 

As teaching is my true passion - I enjoy working with different students to help them prepare for successful futures. 

Mr T

Mr T has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Philosophy and an honours degree in creative writing from the University of Tasmania and is one of our fantastic academic educators. Alongside his work at the University of Tasmania, he also have a Certificate of Music Teaching which he acquired through the St Cecilia School of Music up to licentiate level. As a result, Mr T is also a wonderful piano tutor and can assist students preparing for examinations and performances. Mr T has a great interest in helping children with their learning. 

I hope to inspire my students with the idea that they can master anything they put their minds to and that even challenges can be lots of fun.

Miss Mel

Miss Mel is currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Education full time at the University of Tasmania, with the hope to teach upper primary years. Her passions lie in English, History and Mathematics and she is capable of tutoring mathematics to an engineering level. In case it isn't clear; Miss Mel loves maths. She hopes to transfer some of this enthusiasm to her students to develop their confidence and spark an ever-growing interest in learning. Her interests include music, art and craft, furniture building, swimming, creative writing and reading.

I believe in equal opportunity and support being available for all students no matter their specific needs.

Mr G

Jan or Mr G has two passions in his life, teaching students, and acting on the stage.  Mr G has even been onstage in the same show as Miss B! Mr G has a strong passion for teaching, and supporting and working with students of all ages who have a wide range of needs.  He holds two graduate degrees in Drama and Education, as well as a post-graduate degree in working with students who have difficulty understanding English. He also loves movies and TV, playing his guitar, as well as travelling, and his favourite holiday destination is Hawaii!

My passions in life is to help children gain the understanding and resources they need

Call Us: 0407094288   /   missbsstudentservices@hotmail.com   /  Riverside, Tasmania, Australia

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