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Academic Tuition

We offer after school and during school hours appointments in all school subject areas for preschool to Year 12. Students have academic lessons for multiple reasons; to extend their knowledge, refine skills, because they have fallen behind their peers in school or to maintain grades and stay comfortable with their school workload.


Getting an extra hand is nothing to be ashamed of, and academic tuition doesn’t have to be scary. At Miss B’s Student Services we are committed to developing an individual program that we deliver in a one to one lesson that is unlike any other student who attends.  

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For a one time, free no obligation introductory meeting*



All children attending for academic tuition are administered one or more Australian standardised test to highlight where the areas of strength and weakness lie.


These tests are administered every 6 months to deliver regular reports of your child’s progress. From these test we develop a custom made learning plan for your child to strengthen and improve their knowledge and skills.


We utilise hands on materials that your child can also borrow to take home so they can continue to practice and refine their skills. These games and activities make learning engaging and seem fun and often children will comment that they wish school was like this or that it makes more sense this way.

We provide detailed records of each lesson to parents to ensure consistency and accountability of our learning journey and this keeps everyone motivated and engaged.


*First meetings with Miss B's Student Services for adults, students or preschoolers, are free! Limit of one per family. This induction is a no obligation chat and a chance get to know one another! You and/or your child can see Miss B's Student Services learning space, meet with our educators, and ask as many questions as you like! Educators will provide you with an overview of expectations, costs, possible goals, and explain how lessons work from here. If you do not choose Miss B at this time - it's OK - the meeting was still free and the door is always open.

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