Competitions aren’t just for the performers.


Miss B likes to enter her students’ art work and writing in eight different local exhibitions a year. These are not just restricted to students taking art lessons with Miss B – any student who has a drawing, painting, piece of sewing or craft that they would like entered in these competitions are welcomed by Miss B. Literacy students are not left out as there are several writing opportunities for poetry and story writing fans to present their work for judging. Miss B will use the schedule for upcoming exhibitions and design a custom lesson for each of her students so that everyone has a chance to enter something in one or more categories in their age group.


In the past Miss B's students have done very well in the exhibitions, but it's not all about winning, these exhibitions help encourage participation in new things, giving your best and becoming motivated into improving. 

Please browse our events pages to see how much fun our team has sharing our hard work with others

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