Miss B has different non competative performance opportunities each year. It is good practice for students to perform in front of people in preparation for the competitions, to help the students to get use to performing, and also to demonstrate their abilities to familiy and friends.

Each year there is an end of year concert for the Miss B families so all students and their family’s can see what they have been up to.


This is a great opportunity to meet other students and families and catch up.


The end of year concert is normally followed by a BBQ hosted by Miss B. This gives Miss B a chance to talk about what has been happening in the year and what lies ahead for Miss B's Student Services in the coming year.

It also gives Miss B a chance to hand out some very fitting awards to her students and families to show her appreciation of the hard work that they have put in throughout the past year.


Miss B likes to let her students demonstrate their skills by staging concerts from time to time. All students are encouraged to partake in the concerts, and quite a few really enjoy performing, but some students choose not to and that’s fine. Miss B is very much against pressuring her students into doing something they aren’t comfortable with.


Miss B won’t ask her students to do anything that she won’t do herself, so if you come along to one of her concerts you will often see her performing there as well.

Please browse our events pages to see how much fun our team has sharing our hard work with others

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