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Our Programs 

Miss B's student services offers many areas of learning for your child or for the eager to learn adult.


Our programs include:

  • assistance with school homework

  • essay writing and assignment help; up to university level

  • classes in editing skills

  • school readiness courses

  • help for students who are behind in reading, writing, spelling, grammar or numeracy

  • assistance and support for students who are ahead of the peer average

  • art classes and access to a circuit of art exhibitions each year

  • music lessons in piano, music theory, flute, vocals and performance

  • social interaction and problem solving skill development  

  • Online lessons available 

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We acknowledge that one on one, face to face interaction between student and educator is the optimal learning experience – however this is not always possible. We therefore can undertake online lessons. We endeavour to make your one on one, online learning engagement as productive for the student as we can. 

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